Pippa Middleton Flashed Her Stunning Body In A Bathing Suit Only 11 Weeks After Giving Birth

Date January 8, 2019 17:24

Only 11 weeks have passed since Pippa Middleton gave birth to her first child, but she has already demonstrated her impressive body! People wonder: what is her secret to such a quick recovery? Let’s find it out.

While on vacation in the Caribbean islands with her husband and newborn son, the 35-year-old sister of the Duchess appeared on the beach in a two-piece white bikini.

Pippa showed her figure in a bathing suit for the first time after childbirth. We must admit the new mother looks just fabulous!

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This is only 2.5 months after the labor!

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Genetics or exercise?

Pippa gave birth to her firstborn, Arthur Michael William, on October 16 last year. According to Bazaar, the impressive body shape of the younger Middleton is a result of repeated workouts and has hardly any connection to genetics.

Here is what Pippa tells about how she maintained a strict physical form throughout the pregnancy and shortly therafter. It turns out that the absence of morning sickness allowed her to continue working out.

Kate’s sister believes that all sorts of activity during pregnancy significantly improves physical, mental, and emotional health.

The secret to great abs from Pippa Middleton


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Pippa didn’t stop exercising even when she was pregnant.

I worked out for 45 minutes, 3-4 times a week, depending on my energy levels but ensured that the routines I did were lighter than usual.

In addition to training and jogging, the expectant mother regularly attended Pilates and yoga classes.

Although Pippa didn’t reveal the diet she followed during pregnancy, she is known to be a big supporter of proper nutrition.

As you can see, looking slim only 11 weeks after birth is real! Pippa Middleton is a great example and a perfect inspiration source for never-ending determination and persistence.

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