Police Warn Parents: Children May Be Offered Drugs That Look Like Candies

Date October 3, 2018

Parents always worry about their children. Kids are born without life experience, so they are more prone to getting into various troubles. We can teach them a lot, but sometimes children don’t consider it important or don’t remember what they are told. It is necessary to remind and caution them regularly because every year various people with bad intentions come up with new ways of committing crimes. For example, drugs that look like ordinary candies – who would have thought?

In Hapeville, Georgia, USA, on September 21, police arrested a suspicious man. The department reported about this crime on their official Facebook page for a special reason: after searching the suspect, the police found two firearms (one of them was stolen), money and psychotropic drugs that looked like candies.

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At the end of the post, the police warned everyone about the danger!

Parents, teachers and coaches please make our young people aware of these dangers.

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This wasn’t the first time when police found drugs that look like candies. A similar warning was reported in 2017. According to the police, such candies are offered to children in schools and on the street.

Kids' street safety rules

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  1. A child shouldn’t take anything from strangers, talk to them, go anywhere or get into the car with them.
  2. They shouldn’t answer the questions about the adults, where the house is located, and who is at home.
  3. Forbid them to pick up anything from the ground and approach suspicious objects. And it is better not to accept anything at all. Parents often forget this point – no sweets, no decorations, no money must be taken!

Don’t forget to repeat the same information several times, so that children remember these important points better. Share this post with other parents to let them know about the possible danger!

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