Dark Past Of 7 Royal Wives: Secret Facts Are Revealed

Date April 6, 2018

Of course, all people make mistakes in life. Over some time, everybody forgets about them. But everything is different when it comes to the members of the royal families.

A few years ago, there were a lot of discussions about Kate Middleton’s origin and her family members, and some interesting details were revealed. For example, her sister performs at the men’s clubs, and her uncle was previously involved in the drug trafficking. People also didn’t like the fact that Kate once worked as a model for Levi’s, and walked along the catwalk.

Here are some other facts from the dark past of royal wives:

1. Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway

Today, she is a modest woman, caring mother, and an active public figure. She became the spouse of Haakon in 2000, and it means that for almost 20 years journalists are not looking for compromising information about her. But in the beginning of her relations with Haakon, everybody was shocked.

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She didn’t have a good job and worked as a waitress. Also, she had the illegitimate son, which contradicted the concept of the royal marriage. Later, it was reported that her son’s father was involved in drug trafficking. Of course, it was clear she was rotating in the same dubious circles as her former lover.

Nevertheless, their love proved stronger than public’s talks. They got married, had mutual kids, and Haakon became a good father for her son.

2. Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland

The scandal aroused when the family found out that Prince Carl Philip is in relations with this woman. And it is not surprising, as her reputation is not very good. In the beginning of 2000s, Sofia worked as a model for men's magazines and even took a part in photo shoots of the "nude" format. In 2005, she participated in the popular and rather dubious reality show Paradise Hotel, where she reached the finals. Four years after the acquaintance, the couple legalized their relationship and since then, she lives quite modestly and decently, raising two sons.

3. Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg

The love story of Tessie Antony, the daughter of a simple roofer, and Prince Louis of Luxembourg is very romantic. They met in Kosovo where his future wife worked in the peacekeeping mission - she was an army servant and the only woman in the detachment.

Prince Louis’ family expected that their son would make a more profitable party from a political point of view. The real scandal erupted shortly before the wedding - at that time, the woman already had a child, and Prince Louis was the father of the kid. This union was called morganatic, it was considered an awful misalliance. For this reason, Tessie was not awarded any title. Nevertheless, in 2009, she became a Princess of Luxembourg.


4. Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau

Prince Friso met the beautiful Mabel thanks to her profession - the woman worked in a charitable organization and was, as it would seem, an ideal candidate for the wife of the heir to the throne. An unpleasant fact from her past surfaced much later, before the wedding. It turned out that this charming blonde was in a relationship with a major Dutch mafiosi, Klaas Bruinsmam, shortly before meeting her future spouse. This was the reason that the government imposed a categorical ban on marriage.

The prince didn’t want to deprive himself of love. The couple lived in harmony for several years until the accident occurred with Johan Friso in 2013. At one of the ski resorts, he was covered by a snow avalanche. His beautiful widow now grows two charming little daughters.

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5. Kendra Spears, Princess of Persia

Although Rahim Aga Khan is not considered to be a prince in the traditional sense, he is the heir of one of the most influential Muslim clans and, as his family history says, the descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

His wife, Princess Salva Aga Khan, previously known as Kendra Spears, is often called the "American Cinderella."

The woman grew up in the most usual average family in Seattle. She received a good education and became a graduate in the field of sociology, but decided to focus on the career of the model, which she had dreamed about since her youth.

Spears and her husband met through their mutual acquaintance, Naomi Campbell, and four months later the couple played a magnificent wedding.

But where is the dark spot in her biography? The answer may surprise you: After the marriage, she didn’t quit her job. Kendra, who later became Salva Aga Khan, prefers to wear national dresses for all official events, but in less formal environment her outfits can be described as European. In addition, she often becomes the face of famous brands, which also contradicts Muslim traditions.


6. Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

Marie has virtually a flawless history. Firstly, she comes from an old family of French barons. Secondly, at one time, she received a brilliant education in the arts. For her husband, Prince Joachim, it was the second marriage, and Mary seemed to look perfect: She was actively engaged in charity and turned into a caring mother.

Still, a dark spot in her past was found years later. A few years ago, one of her former partners began blackmailing the Princess of Denmark, threatening to unveil photos and videos proving that as a teenager, she participated in orgies and previously had a more than unruly lifestyle.

The scandal was hushed up, but there is still mystery behind it. According to one version, all this was just a fiction; according to other sources, the princess was able to pay off from her former lover.


7. A bit of history: Rita Hayworth

Rahim Aga Khan is not the first descendant of the Prophet Muhammad who got one of the most beautiful women. Decades earlier, his own grandfather, also the Crown Prince of the East, managed to win the favor of the goddess of Hollywood Olympus, Rita Hayworth.

The community has not accepted the actress with open arms. First, she was twice divorced and raised her daughter from a previous marriage with director Orson Welles. Secondly, after the divorce, she flirted with many men.

Their romance lasted a little less than a year, after which the couple played a magnificent wedding. And after a while, a wonderful girl was born in their family. In a few years, she left her husband, being fed up with his constant betrayals and irreconcilable social disagreements.

Being the wife of the heir to the throne or part of the royal family is not just a huge responsibility, but also a certain risk. Each of us probably has some sins which we prefer not to spread, but much more resonance is obtained from the life of famous women.

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