Super Nanny: Small Dog Helps Desperate Mom To Finally Calm A Crying Baby

Date August 19, 2019

Children and animals are two objects for unlimited love and care from adults. In many families, they perfectly and peacefully coexist side by side, delighting others with their life achievements. At the same time, each side gets its experience and is enriched with kind emotions - a so-called perfect symbiosis.

Through communication with animals, children learn to be kind and caring, compassionate to all beings. Also, the child receives a good lesson of responsibility when it is necessary to clean, feed, or walk a pet.

It is especially touching to watch when dogs become moms and dads' assistants in the upbringing of children. That is, practically nannies, and you can trust your child to them for a while. Sometimes, our beloved fluffy family members cope with children's cry and whims better than their parents.

For example, the video below amused millions of the internet users around the world. There, a small dog calms a crying baby in a very original way. And it works! The video already has almost 9 million views!

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Typically, the friendship between children and pets is born immediately. But still in the first minutes, when a baby appears in the house, we must carefully observe the reaction of the dog or cat. Sometimes, it can be nervous or aggressively guarding its territory against the new resident. Therefore, you must act with caution.

Fortunately, we only have examples of a great interaction. We'd like to share another similar wonderful video with you.

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