Mystery Of Grace Kelly’s Wedding Shoes: A Copper Penny Was Sewn Inside Her Right Shoe For Good Luck

Date September 6, 2019 02:45

It's been over six decades since American actress Grace Kelly married Monaco's Prince Rainier III, but there is still plenty of mystery surrounding this woman.

Mystery Of Grace Kelly’s Wedding Shoes:  A Copper Penny Was Sewn Inside Her Right Shoe For Good LuckGetty Images / Ideal Image

Royal Monaco love story

When Rainier III met Kelly, he was an enviable bachelor. He had already thought about marriage and having an heir. Grace Kelly met her husband during her photoshoot, which he had been invited to. She was annoyed at her partner being late. When Rainier saw the offended girl, he thought this couldn't be love at first sight, although he was charmed by Grace’s beauty.

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They wrote letters to each other for quite a while. Rainier impressed Grace with his marvelous writing style, and she was amused to learn everything about the life of the prince's family. Rainier arrived in Philadelphia to ask Grace’s parents for her hand in marriage.

Kelly’s parents took their time thinking if they should let their daughter marry a foreigner and move abroad. They were sure it was a serious step back in her astounding Hollywood career. Turned out, they were right: After the wedding, Rainier forbade Grace to star in movies.

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The Monaco royal was spectacular. Grace's wedding gown was gorgeous indeed. 35 people worked on her dress for six weeks! Now the wedding clothing is kept at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for everyone interested to see.

The mystery about Grace Kelly's shoe

Decades after the wedding, experts noticed something interesting about the pair of shoe the actress wore. They made an X-ray and found a round object under the insole of the right shoe.

As it turned out, the copper penny was sewn into Grace's right shoe for luck, as they say. Back then, it was fairly common for brides to carry a small prayer book, but Kelly wanted her talisman to be concealed from everybody. Even from her.

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