Cushy Lifestyle Of Celebrity Kids: How Much Does It Cost Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt To Afford The Way Their 6 Children Live

Date September 6, 2019 03:11

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were living happily with their six children until they got divorced. The process did not stop fans from being interested in various aspects of the proceeding like who gets custody of the children and the division of financial obligations.

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Throughout their marriage, the former couple faced criticism about the principles of their kids’ education.

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Control over their kids

Since Angelina and Brad are both actors who work very hard, the children were mostly looked after by nannies. It was also reported the parents had almost no control over them. For example, Maddox was allowed to drive around the territory of the large estate!

The accusations became even more after the family made visits to the potentially dangerous countries as a part of Angelina’s humanitarian work. The public was also confused when their daughter, Shiloh started to act like a boy with complete parental acceptance.

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However, those times have passed. Jolie and Pitt have settled in their respective personal lives after problems of a custody battle for their six children. Rumors also swirled that Brad wasn’t fulfilling his financial obligations in supporting children. The actor, however, denied all the reports.

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How much money Angelina spends on her children

Since Angelina has started working in London, and Brad – in Hollywood, children often have to fly from one parent to another. For safety and more comfort, the family prefer to use private aircraft. The tickets’ cost is three times higher than the first-class ticket which costs about $36,000 per person.

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An important necessity is security detail. The annual cost of cooperation with a single professional is about $50,000. The family needs at least 9 people to work in 3 shifts to ensure the mansion’s security.

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The family has a few nannies employed from premium agencies. It costs the family about $140,000 a year for each. All six children learn different foreign languages, which also requires working with a tutor. Each costs about $100,000 a year.

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These calculations do not include the costs for cooks, drivers, maids, personal bodyguards, as well as the agencies’ commission. Let's not forget about clothes, food, entertainment, study accessories, and many other daily expenses.

Parental divorce shouldn’t affect the quality of life for children. It is more important that former spouses try to keep good relations for their kids' sake and take an equal share in the upbringing.

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