"Golden Cage" For The Princess Of Monaco: The Fairy Tale Of A Former Olympic Athlete Who Stayed In A Royal Marriage

Date September 6, 2019 03:19

Every woman, at least once in her life, imagined herself marrying a prince charming – handsome, influential, wealthy, and certainly loving. However, not every story that begins with an ideal fairy tale continues in the same way.

Some people believe a clear example of this is former athlete Charlene Wittstock who is thought by many to be the saddest princess.

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She married her husband, the son of legendary Grace Kelly, in 2011, more than a decade after their first meeting.

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A successful athlete

In her young years, Charlene had a career as a successful swimmer and performed at prestigious competitions for South Africa. While being only the heir to the throne, Prince Albert II was an enthusiastic bobsledder and repeatedly took part in the Olympics. The pair first met at the competition.

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Albert immediately noticed gracious Charlene. He was not embarrassed by the 20-year age difference nor by the fact he was the owner of a rather scandalous reputation. His numerous affairs became a subject for discussion not only at home.

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Charlene and Albert's fairytale love story

Charlene refused to accept his courtship for a long time. He didn’t get too sad because of ignorance and was even going to marry another woman. However, he broke off the engagement. Fate brought Albert and Charlene together again in Turin, and he achieved his long-awaited goal.

Years later, the world received the joyful news – the couple decided to legitimize their relationship. However, something happened before and during the ceremony that many would never forget.

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Just before the wedding, Nicole Coste, Albert’s former mistress, and his son’s mother informed Charlene they already had two children.

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"Golden" cage for a princess

According to the rumors, repeatedly denied by Albert’s representatives, Charlene wanted to leave, but she was stopped every time. As a result of this, the princess went on living in a golden cage and couldn’t get out of it. Despite everything, the wedding did take place. During the ceremony, she cried, explaining this later as strong excitement.

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Media attention to Wittstock became even more intimate, especially due to the problem with children. The royal family welcomed twins, Gabriella, and Jacques on December 10, 2014.

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Wittstock focused on raising children and briefly disappeared from the public eye. However, she soon assured everyone she wasn’t as unhappy as many believed.

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Despite all the reports, her popularity is growing every day. The royal twins are getting older as well, so we hope the mutual trust between the spouses is finally restored.

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It is possible the rumors that continue to spread about Albert II don’t really please Charlene. It is unlikely that a loving woman could calmly react to such news.

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