Fashion Mishap: Cindy Crawford Opted For A Less-Than-Flattering Dress Which Hid Her Most Famous Assets

Date October 9, 2019 22:27

Supermodel and businesswoman Cindy Crawford has always had a good taste. She is a real beauty and fashion experts couldn't say anything bad about her fashion choices. In everyday life, the model usually wears jeans and T-shirts. When she wants to look more elegant, she chooses classic jackets and pumps. But even fashion icons make mistakes. Once Cindy donned a dress that didn’t fit her well!

Cindy Crawford’s unusual dress

For a walk with her children, Kaia and Presley, Cindy opted for an office midi dress with a deep neckline and a slit. The strict suiting fabric hid the supermodel’s figure and bust. The outfit looked as if she’d borrowed it from a friend two sizes larger. The pleats on the sleeves and along the entire length of the dress seemed out of place.

Anyway, one bad fashion choice doesn’t mean anything. Before that, she rocked a stunning red pantsuit.

Cindy Crawford in a red pantsuit

The celebrity posted a picture in a stylish red pantsuit on Instagram. It perfectly suited her figure. The beauty completed the look with silver sandals and a clutch.

Cindy Crawford is gorgeous, no matter what she wears. And which Cindy do you like better: in a dress, jeans, or a pantsuit? Share your opinion in the comments!