Mama June Weight Loss: How Honey Boo Boo's Mother Has Become 14 Sizes Slimmer

Date December 12, 2019

Today, in the United States, Honey Boo Boo and Mama June are probably no less popular than the Kardashian sisters.

The family became famous in 2012 when 5-year-old Alana Thompson (the girl’s real name) won the children's beauty contest.

Alana’s charisma and sweet face won not only the jury’s hearts, but also the audience, and soon the television producers. This is how Honey Boo Boo got their own reality show. However, the reality stars have been through a wild ride of ups and downs

Mama June's weight loss

In those days, Alana’s mother weighed more than 440lb. All the reason for that was the unhealthy food – the diet of the unemployed June Shannon contained unhealthy foods.

At some point, the reality show star realized that she couldn't live like this. Luckily, June got a second chance – she joined the From Not To Hot program, where experts help women transform their bodies and start a new life.

June underwent gastric sleeve surgery In addition, she completely changed her diet.

During this time, June lost more than 300lb and became 14 sizes slimmer. Today she can boast of her figure in swimsuits!

After her transformation, Shannon is simply unrecognizable. By the way, do you see a scar on the woman's hand? Apparently, she removed the excess skin. This must have given her extra confidence.

Now, Honey Boo Boo weighs more than her mother. We can only hope that June's transformation will become an example for her daughter and in the nearest future, the girl will also begin to look after her health and nutrition!

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