Celine Dion's Fans Plead Her To "Eat Something" After She Appeared In A Cheeky Leather Mini Dress

Date November 1, 2019 16:35

Céline Dion has never been afraid to shine. She has tried on a femme fatale look..

…glam diva…

Her fans are used to Céline being different, but the singer's new look came as quite a shock to some of them. The star posted a picture on social media where she's posing in a cheeky leather mini dress, elbow-long gloves and unusual boots with fringe.

But the new look wasn't the only reason for the heated discussion. The number topic was the singer's leanness.

Céline Dion could never be called curvy, but now she is overly thin according to her fans.

"Eat something please!"

– commented one of her followers on the star's new look.

The singer's makeup also got its portion of criticism. Net users reckon it gives the star a tired and unhealthy look.

What do you think of Céline Dion's new style? Do you also consider her overly thin or think that she's in a great shape? Please, write your opinion in the comments below!

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