Grabbing Life By The Horns: Adele Is Happier Than Ever While Having A Blast At The Concert After Divorce

Date November 15, 2019 11:24

The worldwide famous and incredibly talented singer Adele has millions of subscribers, but even such popularity won’t replace simple joys in life. Just like an ordinary woman, Adele makes mistakes and has to deal with problems in her personal life.

She went through a divorce with her ex-husband Simon Konecki but didn't lose her optimism. The singer even posted a meme with herself. Moreover, divorce changed her for the better. Don't believe? Let's check!

Adele broke up with her husband

Divorce is a difficult time for every woman, but Adele let her ex-spouse and everyone else know that it was time for an absolutely new chapter in her life. Despite the insane popularity, Adele is just a woman and after the 7-year-long relationship (3 of which Adele and Simon were officially married) fell apart, she could have plunged into depression.

The mother of son Angelo leads an active social life. Divorce didn't flatter a woman, but neither do unhappy relationships: Adele became slimmer and even more beautiful. And the singer seems to enjoy life even more.

She posted on Instagram photos and videos from one of the most memorable and, perhaps, the coolest events in her life. That's what a change of perspective can do!

Adele attended a concert of Spice Girls

Adele attended a concert of the reunited Spice Girls – without Victoria Beckham, of course – and was having a blast singing along to the golden hits of her youth with friends. She met with the legendary girl band and was excited to fill in for the missing fifth member.

It's so wonderful to see Adele enjoying life and grabbing life by the horns. We wish her all the best and hope she will find her true love very soon. Do you like Adele? What do you think about her new look?

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