'Barbie' Girl's Parents Think She Is Too Pretty To Go Out Of The House Alone

Date August 15, 2019

People who work from morning to night sometimes imagine how nice it would be to mooch off of somebody. Isn't it great, to rest all day and enjoy life while someone provides for you? If you’ve had similar thoughts, this girl’s story will probably change your mind. She lives like a fairytale princess in a golden cage.

Angelica Kenova grew up in a wealthy family. The girl is a child psychologist, but doesn’t work anywhere. Her hobby is photography, and she mimics the image of a Barbie doll.

When Angelica was 6, her mother started buying her Barbie dolls and dressing her like one. The girl has since grown up, but her mother still chooses her clothes.

The girl says she has never had cosmetic surgery. Her appearance is pure genes, regular exercise, and makeup.

According to the girl, she hasn’t had a serious relationship. If a guy wants to go for a walk with her, the mother takes his passport and returns it only after the date.

If Angelica is left alone for a minute, everybody wants to get acquainted with her, so Mom is always somewhere near. Her family is so worried that something may happen to their doll, they don’t let her leave the house on her own.

As a result, I am not fit for real life I'm like a living doll.

– says Angelica.

Someday, Kenova wants to start an independent life.

Would you like to live this girl’s life, or is freedom more precious to you?

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