Dad Shares Helpful & Simple Trick With Humming That Calmed A Crying Baby In No Time

Date September 5, 2019

Nobody knows about sleepless nights better than new parents. The baby cries don’t give them even an hour’s sleep.

Handling a newborn's cry

That’s why mothers and fathers invent various tricks to help calm their little ones. Some sing their babies to sleep, others sweep a handkerchief over their faces, and still, others use relaxing baths. But, apparently, there is an easier way. And it was a man who invented it to calm down his little daughter.

The genius trick to calm a baby

His name is Daniel Eisenman and he is from California. He is as happy to have a child as the next fellow, but even the strongest love may be put to the test as the child’s wailing starts getting on your nerves. Luckily, Daniel has a trick that never fails.

Every time his daughter starts crying he chants an 'O-m-m' sound. 5 seconds — and there is nothing but silence. If you have any doubts – watch the video below.

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In the video, Daniel’s daughter stopped crying when she heard this unusual sound. The young daddy uploaded it on Facebook and it garnered 273,000 likes and 407,000 reposts.

Why this tip works

The Californian dad explaining this phenomenon noted that chanting 'O-m-m-m' is an imitation of the noise, babies hear while still in the belly. Any humming, even the noise of a vacuum cleaner, reminds them of a mother’s heartbeat. Since the babies are used to this sound, it instantly calms them down.

Now you know how to calm a crying baby down. What methods have you used? Share with us!

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