Woman Was Strong Enough To End Her Horrible Marriage And Built A House For Herself And Kids, Using YouTube Tutorials

Date August 19, 2019 22:58

Many women dream of a stable family, a cozy house, and a loving husband. But feelings may play a cruel joke sometimes and not everyone manages to get free from an unhealthy relationship, risking their welfare, confidence, and even lives. But Arkansas resident Cara Brookins put herself together, ended her horrible marriage, and built a home for her and her children, following tutorials on YouTube.

The woman's family life was going pretty tough. Cara's two marriages were filled with disrespect and violence from her husband. Humiliation and verbal abuse, stalking and bullying became a usual part of Cara's life. She endured it for the sake of her kids, even though the woman could see that they wouldn't be able to hold on for long in such a toxic environment. But the mother of four didn't have any money to purchase or even rent some dwelling. So she had to put up with the terrible behavior of her husband.

I worried that if they (children) left home I'd never see them again.

– told Brookins.

At the age of 45, Cara came to the realization that they couldn't go on like that. Her husband would strangle and beat the woman in front of her children. Once, on her way home with children, Cara noticed a house foundation left after a tornado. It was then that got the idea to build her own house. They needed a safe place that would belong only to them.

And the mother made a decision, even though it was really hard to get away from the aggressive husband. Cara managed to get a loan from a bank, invested $150,000 in the materials, and put down $20,000 for the piece of land. And so together they started building a new home. They had to watch tutorials on YouTube as none of the family members knew what and how to go about building a home.

We were exceptionally naive, but sometimes ignorance takes the place of courage.

– remembers Cara.

Moreover, working together united the Brookins family, helping them to improve communication. 15-year-old Drew helped his mom with the blueprints, and the little ones helped with smaller tasks. Sometimes Cara had to work at nights. Everyone was skeptical about the idea and considered the woman crazy – but not her kids.

And a miracle happened! 9 months later, the family finished their 3,500-square-foot home, which would cost $500,000 as estimated by experts. The house has 5 bedrooms and many cozy rooms for family and friends.

Now Cara Brookins spends her time as a loving mother, computer analyst, and writer. At first, the woman was ashamed of what had been happening in her life, but then she realized that she needed to share her story with other women and encourage them to not fear change in their lives. This is how her book Rise saw the world.

We admire Cara and wish her and her family fulfillment of all of their dreams.

What should she have done in your opinion?

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