Afghanistan Refugee Kid Shows Off His Powerful Voice Performing The "Titanic" Song On The Talent Show

Date August 24, 2019 01:06

Our world is full of talents! Unfortunately, only few of them get discovered. Not everybody is ready to show off their skills in front of a large audience. But this boy doesn’t scare easy. He decided to show his talent and tell his story to many people.

The Voice Global / YouTube

A boy named Abu with his parents, brother, and sister fled from war-stricken Afghanistan to Belgium. He had a very difficult childhood. Abu remembers explosions and how his mother cried.

The Voice Global / YouTube

His life changed when the family moved. The boy had to deal with culture shock and make new friends, which was also hard. Abu is happy with what he has now, but he never forgets about the hardships his family had to pull through.

When television show The Voice Kids launched auditions, Abu decided to try. He adores music and wanted to share his singing with the world as well as a story of the immigrants’ ordeal. For his mission, he chose “My Heart Will Go On”, a song by Celine Dion.

The Voice Global / YouTube

He believes this song is about people who sought fortune in a foreign country. Abu tells that he had hopes similar to those of the “Titanic” characters, when leaving his country.

The Voice Global / YouTube

On the audition, Abu barely sang through a few lines, as he already moved some of the judges to tears. They turned to him in order to see a boy with such a powerful voice.

Do you want to hear Abu sing? Turn on the video below!

The boy has indeed a heavenly voice, doesn’t he? You can feel it right away when listen to this song.

The Voice Global / YouTube

If you want to hear Michael Jackson’s «Earth Song» by Abu, play the video below!

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