Fashion Star! Spanish Model With Down Syndrome Made A Runway Debut At New York Fashion Week

Date September 6, 2019 02:06

There always have been standards of beauty, but in recent decades, they have become more inclusive than ever. More and more people with different appearances have become successful and popular, even in the modeling business.

The New York Fashion Week is one of the largest fashion shows in the world. It is usually held twice a year and sets the trends for future seasons. This has always been the time for agencies to present the very best models to walk the runway as it's a career-changing opportunity.

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A model with a difference

Marian Avila is a Spanish girl with Down syndrome. Since her childhood, Marian has always dreamed of being a model walking on the runway. She started out with different photoshoots and even participated in local competitions for people with disabilities.

Her dream became a reality and she couldn't imagine it could be real after she but anyway shared her desire on social media. The publication caught the eye of Kenzi Dugmore, who has some influence in the fashion world.

Making dreams come true

Kenzi got in touch with American designer Talisha White, known for her talent and unconventional perception of beauty, and asked to invite Avila to model her collection. The designer is famous for being passionate about inclusion and empowering people with disabilities.

One of her models suffers from epilepsy and moves around in a wheelchair, but it doesn’t prevent her from building a successful career.

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Runway debut

Marian persisted in training to walk and pose and patiently waited for Talisha’s call. And it happened! The first Spanish model with Down syndrome paraded at New York Fashion Week, showing evening dresses from the White’s collection.

It wasn't so long ago, people with genetic diseases or other health conditions were distanced from such activities. Brave people like Marian prove that nothing is impossible for a person who doesn’t give up on their dream and has faith in themselves.

Do you know people who break stereotypes and inspire others by doing so? Tell us about them, please.

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