Libra, Aquarius, And Virgo: Female Zodiac Signs That Attract Men

Date August 21, 2019

It is impossible to realize women’s attractiveness fully. It isn’t necessary to be beautiful, bake the most delicious pies in the world, or have princess’ manners to kidnap men’s hearts. For these three zodiac signs, it is enough just to be themselves and behave the way nature has created them.

3rd place – Libra

Libra are sophisticated women with incredible grace. They know how to dress with taste, and don’t save on cosmetics and perfumes. Men claim that these women possess a special charm, making them seductively airy and unstable. They aren’t considered the “femme fatale” but rather the independent and aloof cats. Libra women are prone to adventures and romantic affairs only to stir male interest.

Men always go crazy over Libra women. They are ready to give them gifts and throw the whole world at their feet. However, their interest grows even more when they realize that the chosen Libra woman doesn’t need all this. Even though she loves comfort and luxury, she can easily reject a rich admirer if he isn’t cute enough for her.

2nd place – Aquarius

Aquarius women are smart and attractive. They are fun and easy to talk to. These ladies don’t spend all their evenings in search of romantic adventures. They aren’t shy at all, but they know their own worth. They won’t invite a man home for coffee either after the first, or even second or third, date. Their inaccessibility is of great interest to men.

Aquarian ladies have their distinct charm. They are purposeful, inventive and have an amazing sense of humor. Moreover, they love to experiment in bed. Men are ready to do anything just to please the whimsical and charming Aquarius.

1st place – Virgo

This woman is a mystery that is difficult yet very intriguing to solve. She possesses the manners of a real lady, but if you insult her, she turns into a ferocious tigress. Virgo ladies are neat, punctual and always look perfect. You will never see them with shabby manicure and unwashed hair.

They are extremely devoted to their partner, trying to please him in everything. First, they aim at becoming a reliable spouse ready to fulfill everything. A Virgo woman is really able to be her man's support and even assists him in his career. That is why these ladies are worth their weight in gold. Men tend to feel it and are ready to do everything to ensure this treasure goes to them.

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