Life-Changing Mistake: 28-Year-Old Girl Lost Half Her Weight After Receiving A Mocking Message

Date August 15, 2019 21:28

Some of us find motivation for drastic changes in support of the loved ones, while others are inspired by examples of celebrities. The heroine of our today’s story decided to start the struggle with obesity after receiving an offensive message.

In 2017, 28-year-old Jennifer Ginley-Hagan from Liverpool won the Miss Slinky contest. Looking at her latest photos, you can hardly believe that just a couple of years ago she weighed almost double of what she weighs now! However, this could have never happened without her unusual motivation story.

Jennifer has once received a mocking message from her nutritionist. It read: "Miss Excellence now weighs 200 lbs, which is only a couple of pounds less than she weighed before." The message was intended for another girl and was sent to Ginley-Hagan by mistake, but she took the insulting words to heart.

Jennifer spoke about the offensive case on her Instagram account. The girl claimed she couldn’t eat for three days after that.

I hate to bring it up for public discussion, but I’m tired of enduring so many lies.

As a result, Ginley-Hagan wanted to change her life completely, which she achieved successfully.

Thanks to the insulting message from her nutritionist, she lost 130 lbs, which was more than half her weight! Not only did Jennifer win the competition, which strengthened her faith in herself and increased self-esteem, but also got married!

By the way, three months after the incident, the nutritionist was deprived of the license due to a breach of confidentiality and disclosure of personal data.

It's a pity that this charming girl was motivated to change her life by such an unpleasant experience. But now Jennifer can definitely be proud of herself, and her story will serve as an example for many women!

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