Gypsy Bride Spent Almost Half An Hour To Put Her 139-Lb Wedding Dress On

Date September 17, 2019

A gypsy wedding is always loud, fun, and expensive! The bride and groom's relatives put on beautiful clothes, women take out all of their jewelry. But the bride should be the most eye-catching and memorable – all eyes will be on her.

Rebekah Markham has Gypsy blood in her family, that's why she has always dreamed of having a fancy wedding to feel like a queen on this significant day.

At the age of 39, the mother of three married 42-year-old Kevin Smith. She arrived at the ceremony in a pink limo, wearing the most gorgeous and lavish dress!

The wedding gown was custom made by designers with all of Rebekah's wishes taken into consideration. The huge bottom part was supported by eight rings, the top was decorated with Swarovski crystals. It was very heavy – around 139 lb – almost as much as the bride herself. She had the employees of the wedding salon help her put it on and it took them 20 minutes to get it done.

The bride had a hard time pushing her way through the church aisle to say her vows. But she was happy; her dream had come true!

However, Rebekah's dress is not the heaviest in the history of wedding outfits. The “Fantasy” gown by designer Gail Be is considered to be the heaviest in the world, weighing in at 400 pounds! It was made from 500,000 pearls and more than 400 crystals, combined with a 6-meter tail.

Would you like to have such an uncomfortable wedding dress for your ceremony?

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