Easy And Effective Ways To Alleviate Gout Flares By Using Natural Products

Date August 24, 2019 01:21

Gout is one of the most common forms of arthritis among middle-aged and mature males.

In old days, this disease was called “the disease of kings”, as only the rich could afford red wine and meat. The main cause of gout is a high level of uric acid, accumulating in different joints (a big toe joint is a typical location).

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Joint inflammation is accompanied by severe pain syndrome that requires treatment. However, keeping to diet recommendations can provide a relief for gout symptoms. Here are a few easy tips.

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1. Probiotics

Adding probiotics to your diet can provide a substantial relief, as they lower the uric acid level.

2. Vitamin С

According to recent studies, vitamin С also alleviates the pain and the inflammation.

3. Low-fat dairy products

It has been established that consuming dairy products low in fat prevents gout development. Perhaps, you should reconsider your diet.

4. Drink plenty of water

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Drinking a lot of liquid helps remove excess uric acid from the organism. Try to drink more water every day.

5. Coffee

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Coffee helps kidneys with a similar task – clear uric acid from the organism.

6. Cherries

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According to a study, patients suffering from gout experienced relief after eating cherries. The reason is they contain anthocyanins – substances reducing inflammation and neutralizing pain syndrome.

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We hope that our tips will help you forget about joint pain at least for some time!

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