'World's Most Identical Triplets' Are All Grown Up And It Is Still.Hard To Tell Them Apart

Date October 9, 2019 22:20

Meet the Crimmins sisters! These adorable girls were born in 1987 in Northern Ireland. Laura, Nicola and Alison are known as the world’s most identical triplets as when they were kids, it was so hard to tell them apart. But what about now? Nowadays the girls are beautiful models and people still can't say who is who in this family. Even today the sisters remain amazingly similar. Can you believe your eyes?

The Crimmins triplets

The Crimmins sisters were inseparable in their childhood. Laura, Nicola, and Alison did everything together, and even now when they are all grown up, nothing has changed. It’s interesting how their parents and teachers managed to tell them apart when they were

The girls admit that they spend all of their free time together. The Crimmins sisters are models and they even work together!

Model agencies lined up to sign the Crimmins after they turned 10, but they started working only at 16. Since then, they managed to take part in many fashion shows.

The sisters are always together. Outside work, they chat a lot while doing everyday things. The triplets visit the hairdresser at the same time and have their own messenger chat group called "Sisters."

The triplets even follow the same diet! It delights them to observe other people’s reaction:

We do get approached a lot when we're out together in public - people do a double take when they realize there's three of us!

Nicola says:

I love working with my sisters - I feel so grateful that we get to be together.

Just imagine having a sibling who is your exact copy! And when we are talking about two or more siblings, it is even more amazing. Identical multiples are really rare, it is an incredible gift from nature. Do you know families with twins or triplets?

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