Wearing Overly Tight Jeans, Wet Bathing Suit And 5 Other Intimate Hygiene Mistakes Women Make

Date January 22, 2020

Intimate hygiene is a very delicate subject. Unfortunately, few people speak about it in public. Some women are even embarrassed to ask the doctor if it concerns intimate hygiene and keep living with their problems. We decided to reveal the most common intimate hygiene mistakes to help you!

Intimate hygiene mistakes

1. You are washing wrong

You should use a cleanser at least twice a day. You can still use just water to wash after using the toilet. When washing, direct the flow of water from front to back and wipe in the same direction. Also, be sure to carry out this procedure after an intimate relations with a partner. Don’t use intimate hygiene products inside the vagina; they are intended for external use.

Wearing Overly Tight Jeans, Wet Bathing Suit And 5 Other Intimate Hygiene Mistakes Women MakeMaridav /

2. You wear too tight jeans

When wearing too tight-fitting underwear or pants, the vagina's microbial community is disturbed, causing the conditionally pathogenic microflora to be activated, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis and thrush.

3. You wear underwear from non-natural materials

Artificial fabric increases the likelihood of a vaginal infection because its materials retain moisture. As we know, a warm and humid environment is an ideal place for bacteria.


  1. Choose cotton underwear (or other natural fabrics).
  2. Change underwear once daily, or more often if necessary.
  3. Wash it with hypoallergenic soap.
  4. Replace old clothes with new every year.

Wearing Overly Tight Jeans, Wet Bathing Suit And 5 Other Intimate Hygiene Mistakes Women MakeVenus Angel /

4. You don’t wash your menstrual cup

More and more women prefer menstrual cups. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take adequate care of them. It is very important to use the right soap for their washing.

An oil-based soap can destroy silicone over time, and an aromatized one can cause irritation. It is best to use mild soap for sensitive skin or baby soap with natural ingredients and no dyes, parabens, or fragrances.

5. You keep tampons in the bathroom

Yes, it is very convenient to store tampons in the bathroom. However, don’t forget that they absorb moisture. Tampons will spoil faster because they will absorb steam from your shower. Learn to store them in a dry place.

6. You are obsessed with cleanliness

Your vagina has natural cleaning mechanisms that prevent infections and the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Don’t forget that lactobacilli are components of normal microflora and maintain the correct level of pH, protecting your vagina from infections. With frequent washing, this system will simply collapse.

7. You wear a wet bathing suit too long

A wet swimsuit is a breeding ground for yeast that can cause a urinary tract infection or vaginitis. Therefore, don’t stay in a wet swimming suit too long. Change your clothes or swimsuit to a dry one.

A lot of women make these common intimate hygiene mistakes, and in some cases they don't even notice it. We hope this article was helpful to you, since a healthy woman is a happy woman! So, try not to repeat these mistakes again.

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