Birch, Rowan And 11 Other Birth Month Trees Might Reveal People's Inner Personality

Date December 17, 2019

The stars are not the only entities that may predetermine our fate and course of our lives by the date of birth. In this matter, the Celtic tree zodiac is becoming more popular. It consists of 13 signs, each corresponding to its own tree. Find yours and see how correct the druids’ predictions are.

Birch, Rowan And 11 Other Birth Month Trees Might Reveal People's Inner PersonalityTarasenko Nataliia /

December 24th – January 20th

Birch tree

You are a motivated person who doesn’t avoid challenges of fate, but takes them on bravely. You like to ignite others with your inner fire.

January 21st – February 17th

Rowan tree

You have a hidden impact on people charging them with your passion. Being a born philosopher, you often suffer because people with less developed imagination fail to understand you and your ideas.

February 18th – March 17th

Ash tree

You are very artistic. Not only can you express yourself through art, but also in writing and science. Nature and everything connected with it is close to you. However, other people may struggle to get through to you with your head always full of visions and images.

March 18th – April 14th

Alder tree

You are the life and soul of the party and attract others with your energy, active position, and confidence. You are very charismatic, and most of all you hate wasting time.

Birch, Rowan And 11 Other Birth Month Trees Might Reveal People's Inner PersonalityYuganov Konstantin /

April 15th – May 12th

Willow tree

Sensitivity and strong intuition are your key traits. Often, you can see the real causes of things that are happening, even when they are hidden for other people. You are an intelligent and creative person and love to share your knowledge with others.

May 13th – June 9th

Hawthorn tree

It is difficult to grasp your true nature because you are so volatile. The saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is 100% about you. A compulsive enthusiast and a good listener, you can always offer a couple of wise tips on any matter.

Birch, Rowan And 11 Other Birth Month Trees Might Reveal People's Inner Personality-Olesya Kuznetsova /

June 10th – July 7th

Oak tree

Your optimism is enviable! Generally, you cope and succeed where others fail. You are a wise and generous person, from whom one can learn a lot.

July 8th – August 4th

Holly tree

People follow you! There is hardly a tree of equal power and leadership potential. Sometimes, you come across as arrogant. You are generous and not afraid of change.

August 5th – September 1st

Hazel tree

You have a great mind and nearly academic perception of life. Besides, you have a good memory and an eye for detail. You have the gift of organizing yourself and others, as well as strong analytic abilities.

September 2nd – September 29th

Vine tree

You are a born esthete. Music, food, and art objects you choose are considered the benchmark of luxury. If you were born on the autumn equinox, you also have the gift to see at least two sides to any situation. You are beautiful and attractive to the opposite gender.

September 30th – October 27th

Ivy tree

You are a largely spiritual person who never betrays own ideals. People know they can always rely on you, even when you may be experiencing difficulties in life yourself. You are a great and devoted friend.

October 28th – November 24th

Reed tree

A truth-seeker, who always needs to get to the bottom of everything, even if it is not necessary. You risk getting dragged into other people's gossips and disputes. You are a real clairvoyant: you always know the right answers to all the questions and the cause of all events and phenomena even before they happen.

Birch, Rowan And 11 Other Birth Month Trees Might Reveal People's Inner PersonalityHQuality /

November 25th – December 23th

Elder tree

You are an extrovert by nature, so you always strive to help others. You are hard to catch lying because you always speak your mind. Sometimes you are too talkative, although there is a deep and thoughtful soul under this shell.

Turns out, every person has a birth month tree that can reveal personality. It was pretty accurate for us. How about you? Share your impressions in comments.

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