Her Body Is Rather Atypical, But Fans Like When She Wears Mini Shorts: "She So Pretty!"

Date December 11, 2019

Before, girls used to exhaust themselves with crazy diets to become models. Many of them were willing to do anything to get the desired 90-60-90 parameters and have a chance to strut down the catwalk. But times have changed. Now, if you want to advertise clothes, you just need to start your own blog, arm yourself with fashion sense and patience, and voila!

Crystal Coons

Meet Crystal Coons. She started her blog back in 2002. There she writes about her life and style.

Crystal Coons also has another Instagram account, which has so many followers!

She might not fit common beauty standards, but the pictures of her wearing mini shorts get hundreds of likes and positive comments. Many of her followers find her photos inspirational!


I can't tell you how many times your pictures come up in my timeline at the perfect time. Just when I feel like I cant be cute because of my thighs or I can't wear bikinis because of my belly, I see how absolutely stunning you always are, inside and out.


Awwww she so pretty! 😘


Your legs looks like mine🔥👏

Coons' success must lie in the fact that her followers see themselves when they look at her pictures: average people, each with their own flaws.

Crystal Coons' personal life

By the way, Crystal has been happily married for many years! She got married when she was just 19 years old.

Just look at her husband, he's such a catch!

Despite the fact that Crystal is far from modern beauty standards, she's successful, beautiful, and happy. It's a very inspirational story, isn't it?

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