Woman With Lymphedema Explains How She Learned To Love Her Body After Spending Years Trying To Hide It Away

Date August 21, 2019 22:31

Every person deserves to be treated well. But sometimes people can be cruel. People usually judge others by how they look and Cara Cruz knows it better than anyone else. Luckily, after many years of tears and struggles, this woman found her own way to be happy.

Cara Cruz is a lymphedema sufferer

Cara Cruz from the USA has excess fat deposits on her legs, thighs, and arms. It happens due to her health conditions. Cara experience lipoedema ( that means chronic condition causing abnormal build-up of fat cells) and lymphedema (that means incurable and progressive condition causing localized fluid retention and tissue swelling). Lymphedema occurs when the lymphatic system doesn't work well.

The fat deposits on the arms and legs can't be shed by exercise healthy eating and exercises. The only effective way to lose extra weight is surgery. Only a special type of liposuction can help, but Cara's insurance won't cover it. The procedure is extremely expensive and the girl can't afford it.

Cara was diagnosed with her condition when she was a teenager. It had a significant impact on her self-confidence!

I was affected a lot with it, I was teased for it!

She wanted to hide away from everyone and everything. However, Cara found a great way to accept her body and to love herself.

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Cara Cruz started an Instagram account

Once Cara's boyfriend suggested creating an Instagram profile to share the photos of her life. That was a very brave idea, but Cara agreed. She started to post her pictures and surprisingly she got a lot of support from her followers. The woman even feels comfortable posting bikini shots!

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The woman said:

I think a lymphedema warrior is someone who fully embraces it and shows to the world out there that is part of me, this is a condition I can't control.

Cara's followers like her page and she wants to draw even more people's attention to the health condition she has. She also wants to inspire people to start their self-love journeys.

Watch Cara's story in the video below.

Cara doesn't want to hide her body and her amazing tattoos. She says:

'I started the sleeve to kind of hide the upper arm lymphedema issues. I figured they're staring at me anyway, I'll give them something to look at.'

Cara's story inspires people to accept and love their bodies. Every person with every shape deserves to be loved and accepted. Do you agree?

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