7 Phrases That Children Need To Hear From Their Parents Every Day

Date August 14, 2019

Parenting can be very tough and one of the most difficult things to learn as a parent is how to talk to children. Sometimes parents say things that can affect their children psychologically. Most often, they see their boys and girls in the evenings after getting home from work tired, and may address their kid with something not positive like: "You’re a bad kid!", "Go to your room!", "Don't bother me!," "Why can't you be more like your brother." These phrases are so painful!

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7 phrases to tell your kid every day

If you want to raise a mentally strong kid, you should send the right messages to your children. There are seven phrases your children need to hear more often than you think!

1. "I love you"

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When your kid was a baby, you probably said that you love them more often. With years, these words may have begun to seem to lose their meaning. However, it is vital for a child of any age. Express your love in words. Your kid needs to know that he or she is loved!

2. "I am so proud of you"

If you want your child to grow up a confident person, tell them that you are proud of them. It doesn’t matter what was the place they took in a competition. For their efforts, the child deserved a cake and, most of all, your praise.

3. "It’s OK, try again"

The child needs to understand that failure is an important part of any progress. Don’t scold them for bad marks, but tell them to go to the teacher and ask to retake the test. Sometimes, experiences can be painful, so encourage your kid. They have to know that next time they will manage it!

4. "I trust you"

You should say this phrase as soon as you are sure that your child can act independently. These words give your child confidence and teach responsibility. If the parents trust them, the kid won’t be able to fool them or let them down.

5. "Thank you"

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Tell your kid “thank you” for everything, even if all they did was clean up their own toys. These words will teach your child to act the same way to you and others.

6. "Help me, please"

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Every child wants to feel important. Ask your kid to help you with simple things. It will make them proud to have helped fix Dad’s car, even though all they actually did was pass a wrench. Don’t forget to say something like "It would have been hard to do it without you".

7. "I am very happy to have you in my life"

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From time to time, your child will have problems dealing with the world around them, especially during the teen years. A teenager begins to doubt their parents’ love. Tell your child that they make you happy.

Every child deserves to grow up as a confident, respectful and loving person and you can help with these phrases. Tell something positive every day and your bond with your kids will be strong!

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