Unhealthy Relationship: 6 Signs That Male Partner Mistreats The Woman And Doesn't Care About Her Feelings

Date August 22, 2019 21:51

Being in unhealthy relationships can feel like a living hell. Even the best, strongest women can find themselves in a toxic marriage. Such relationships are harmful for your mental and physical health, so if you notice something wrong, it is better to leave. Knowing the warning signs is the best protection, so be sure you don't miss them.

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A controlling man or abuser may seem completely normal and even charming for a long time. So charming, that a woman sometimes spends years living with her partner, clueless about the fact that he is abusing her emotionally. Pay attention to these signs as they will save you a ton of heartache.

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Signs of an unhealthy relationship

1. He makes you feel guilty.

Emotional abusers usually don't speak their minds. Sometimes, they look emphatic and compassionate. One moment he was going to beat you up, and the next moment he told you in a sweet voice: "I am sorry, baby! I wasn't going to hurt you. I know that you didn’t spoil our special evening on purpose. You just need to stop being so emotional..."

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Be careful! He just wants to distract you from focusing on real things, he makes you feel guilty for making him want to hurt you.

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2. He manipulates you.

Emotional abusers always manipulate. For example, when you caught him cheating, your partner n can yell that you humiliate him 'with your disgusting spying'. When a cheater is caught red-handed, he will do anything to make you doubt the reality.

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3. He blames you.

Does your male partner have problems at work? Well, it’s your fault, because you don’t support him at home. Does he have problems with the law? Well, it’s you who made him so angry that he couldn’t calm down. Is your marriage unhealthy? Of course, you are a terrible wife. Everything bad that ever happened, is happening, and will happen – is all because of you, not him!

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4. He belittles you.

Toxic men always want to have full control over their victims. They want to control everything – even your wishes and thoughts. Because they understand that if you start thinking for yourself, you will realize that you deserve much better.

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5. He isolates you.

He will forbid you to meet with friends, for the reason that — wait for it — they can try convincing you to break up with him. He will also tell you that your friends simply don’t realize how much he loves you. His main aim is to convince you that you don’t need any other people because all you need is HIM!

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6. He knows your vulnerable spots.

Such men turn your weak spots into his weapon. They use it at the moment of your most vulnerability and weakness. This person is incapable of any compassion. Why? All for the same reason – for full control over you.

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If you found out that your partner does such things, leave him!

And one more thing to remember — HE WILL NEVER CHANGE!

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