Simple, But Effective: Father Calms His Crying Baby By Chanting Om And Shares His Experience With Other Parents

Date August 21, 2019 18:28

Parenting can be very tough. Nobody knows about sleepless nights better than parents. When the baby cries and nothing helps, it can be frustrating. Mothers and fathers do everything possible to calm their babies. Some sing songs to help babies sleep, others sweep a handkerchief over their faces. Sometimes relaxing baths can also solve the problem.

Simple, But Effective: Father Calms His Crying Baby By Chanting Om And Shares His Experience With Other Parentsspass / Shutterstock.com

However, one inventive father found an easy way to soothe a crying baby. The dad uses his method to calm down his little daughter.

Dad found a genius way to soothe a crying baby

Meet Daniel Eisenman! The father lives in California and he is as happy to have a child as the next fellow. However, even the strongest love may be put to the test as the child’s wailing starts getting on your nerves. Luckily, Daniel found a great trick that never fails.

When his daughter begins crying the father chants an 'O-m-m' sound. It works like magic! Just several seconds — and there is nothing but silence. If you have any doubts – here is a video to watch.

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The wonderful video featured Daniel’s daughter who just stops crying when she hears her father. The young dad decided to share his experience with other parents. He uploaded the footage on Facebook, collecting numerous likes and reposts.

The father can explain this unusual effect. Chanting 'O-m-m-m' he imitates the noise, that the baby hears in the mother’s womb. Any humming, sometimes even the noise of a vacuum cleaner reminds babies time when they were with their moms. Since the kids are used to this sound, they instantly calm down.

Babies can fuss a lot, and living with the wailing isn't easy. Luckily, some strategies can calm both of you. This creative father found a genius way to soothe his baby, what can be better? Share this story with your friends and family to give them useful information.

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