How To Attract Men: 5 Things In Appearance They May Like

Date September 6, 2019 03:22

People are unique and their tastes may vary widely. Men love different women. Some like redheads, some prefer blondes. Some people are mad about curvy ladies, others fancy the slim ones. However, numerous studies and surveys show that in some preferences, all men are very similar. Many of them are crazy about the same things.

Things that may attract men

Here are several things in appearance that attract most men.

1. Minimum make-up

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Men rarely like full-scale war paint on the woman's face. There are so many jokes, based on a situation when a woman after washing her face looks completely different! Guys prefer natural makeup. Don’t overdo it! Just hide some minor flaws, and emphasize your strengths.

2. Wide hips

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More precisely, the contrast between a narrow waist and wide hips. The ideal proportion is seven to ten. Psychologists attribute it to the fact that subconsciously, men associate a wide-hipped lady with good fertility, who can easily bear and give birth to children.

3. Red color

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A woman in red becomes even more attractive to men. The same consistency is observed in the animal kingdom as well.

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Red can be a magic wand for the first date, but keep in mind the same rule: don’t go too far!

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4. Healthy hair

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Healthy, shiny, strong hair works like magic. Men may not even think about it, but will subconsciously associate gorgeous hair with good health and fertility.

5. High voice

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The woman's high voice reminds a man that he is strong and mighty, and she is a fragile and tender princess, who needs to be protected from evil. Conversely, ladies with a low and harsh voice can scare men away.

Do you agree that men are drawn to these features? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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