YouTube Power Couple Jamie And Nikki Perkins Have Two Daughters And The Girls Are Incredibly Beautiful

Date August 22, 2019 21:47

Meet Jamie and Nikki! This unusual and stunning couple lives in the Australian city of Melbourne. They found each other on social media site called Myspace many years ago, and the duo has been inseparable since that moment.

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Jamie and Nikki Perkins have two daughters

The couple run a successful Youtube channel and raise two children. Friends call them 'coffee with milk' because of their colors of skin. Despite that fact they are different, Nikki and Jamie look fabulous together! When they appear in public places, all eyes are only on them.

The couple have two daughters, Ava and Zoe.

Their YouTube channel at the time of writing has 1,857,462 subscribers.

At first, they had a beautiful daughter named Ava, and after a while, another girl, Zoe.

The wonderful babies have an unusual appearance, having inherited both mom's and dad's features.

The babies became popular on social media literally from the moment they were born. Nikki and Jamie love sharing photos of their sweet girls. They already have their own army of fans, who are looking forward to new pictures and videos.

The girls are so sweet, aren't they?

Just look at them! The girls are so charming.

This couple proves that love has no barriers. Unfortunately, the couple announced that they’re parting ways. We wish Jamie and Nikki well during this difficult time.

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