Age Is Only A Number: Charming Georgian Granny Steals The Show With Her Adorable Dance Moves

Date August 30, 2019

When you are growing older, only age limits you from living the best years of your life. They may be quiet and calm or active and hectic if you still have enough energy. Everything depends on the person and remember, age is only a number.

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Age is only a number

Some people start a new life with retirement. Senior people begin to travel a lot, spend time with their grandchildren and meet their friends more often.

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Everything such people are left with is looking positively at the world and avoiding panic in case of any changes in the society. As you know, people become more sensitive, vulnerable, and fragile with age.

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Granny shows off her dancing moves

This granny is a real source of inspiration! She became the superstar in the video, which was filmed in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. As soon as the adorable granny heard the music, she started her dancing and instantly infected the passers-by! Young people joined her immediately, creating a mini performance on the street. Luckily, someone managed to film the wild dances on camera!

Just check out this sweet video!

Warm sun, positive people around, wild dancing, cheerful smiles, and amazing atmosphere, what can be better? Did you enjoy granny’s performance?

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