Mother With Three Kids Shows What Is 'Really' Like To Be A Mom And How It Differs From 'Staged' Motherhood

Date August 29, 2019 18:15

What do you see on your Instagram feed? There are many good-looking and happy faces upgraded with various filters on social media. New mothers with adorable kids are especially common. They always have a fresh manicure and a perfect haircut. Their house is always shining, and their children are tidy and always smiling.

Mother With Three Kids Shows What Is 'Really' Like To Be A Mom And How It Differs From 'Staged' MotherhoodCreativa Images / Shutterstock.com

You won’t see such mothers tired or depressed. You won’t see the kids crying. There is no scattered food on the photos – everything is neatly organized for a perfect shot.

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It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? As you look at such a perfect picture, you start to hate your life.

Stop it! Don’t believe all those 'perfect' photos edited to show a 'perfect' life. There is nothing perfect.

The reality is much more bitter and difficult. Parenting is a hard journey full of problems. And we need more people to show how tough parenting can actually be.

Real mom's blog about real mom's life

Meet Kylee Austin! This mom knows very well how difficult parenting can be and she isn't afraid to demonstrate her everyday routine. The mom posts about her imperfect life. This helps other mothers not to get depressed after seeing the “ideal kids” of other social media influencers. Let's take a look!

The first attempts to feed twins.

When your children are screaming.

That’s how the twins looked inside their mother's body. That is real life!

Your skin doesn’t always get tightened.

Children eat carefully only on the ideal Instagram photos – everything is different in real life.

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That’s how the body changed after kids.

Sometimes mothers cry.

That’s how the real-life snack looks like.

Did you hear about 'ideal' pregnancy?

Kids are still adorable.

You go, Kylee! This brave mom shows that there is real life and the real things. In reality, motherhood can feel like a thankless, never-ending battle to keep your head above water, but don't give up. Kids are wonderful and every moment of parenthood is worth it. Do you agree?

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