Loveless Duchess: 7 Celebrities Who Are Not Charmed By Meghan Markle's Personality

Date September 9, 2019

Meghan Markle has managed to expand the army of her fans outside her country. Many Britons accepted her before she became part of the royal family. However, not everyone was influenced by the 'Meghan effect', including some celebrities. What happened between them and the cute Duchess? Let’s find out.

1. Piers Morgan

A well-known British journalist and an opinion-maker, trusted by many undoubtedly. According to Morgan, he and Meghan used to be friends before the former actress met Prince Harry. When the Duchess stopped communicating with Piers, it probably hurt him greatly.

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2. Ivanka Trump

Soon after the royal engagement was announced, some publications claimed the wedding is another reason to envy for Ivanka Trump.

When the President’s daughter congratulated future spouses on her Twitter, some users presumed that neither she, nor her family would receive an invitation to the royal wedding.

3. Wendy Williams

In an interview with AnnaLynne McCord, the actress who portrayed Naomi Clark in the series 90210: The Next Generation, the TV host talked about the small part Meghan got in the project. The girl tried to get away from the direct answer because she didn’t work with Markle directly. However, Williams didn’t miss the chance to call the Duchess a “random princess.”

4. Cathy Hopkins

Another well-known personality in the British media is the author, Cathy Hopkins. She is popular due to the ability to reflect the public's opinions and moods. Cathy criticized Meghan’s posts on social media until they were removed, and shortly before the wedding, she called her a “budget Princess Diana.”

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5. Princess Eugenie

Even Meghan’s new relative, Princess Eugenie, has reasons to dislike the Duchess of Sussex. Shortly after Harry’s engagement, the royal family announced another wedding. Turns out, Eugenie had to postpone her own celebration to a later date so that her wedding wouldn't steal any attention from the marriage of Harry and Meghan.

6. Daniel Radcliffe

As it turned out, the Harry Potter star doesn’t share the views of his compatriots. According to the media reports, he has never been a royal fan. Radcliffe is proud of his homeland but has never been an advocate of the monarchy. His opinion became even more unshakable after Prince Harry appeared in public in a shirt with a swastika-resembling pattern. Daniel doesn’t feel any personal dislike towards Meghan, but the expansion of the royal family probably doesn’t appeal to him.

7. Cory Vitiello

Meghan’s relationship with the famous Canadian chef lasted for a few years. She wasn’t very well-known at that time, and could no longer count on her ex-husband's support. Vitiello and Markle had a solid relationship – the actress was a member of his family, and she owes him the acquaintance with Jessica Mulroney.

It turns out that the sincerity of the smiling Duchess failed to charm everyone. What about you? What do you think about Meghan? Do you consider it worthy to exert influence on certain aspects of life to become the Queen in the future? Share your opinions in the comments.

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