Not A Favorite Duchess: 11 Causes Why Britons Don't Like Meghan Markle

Date August 24, 2019

Megan Markle is one of the most discussed women in the world. Her life looks like a fairytale: an ordinary person found her love and it turned out to be a prince. What can be better? Many royal fans love Meghan but some people are throwing stones into her. It is understandable why the Duchess is admired: a charming smile, open personality, and beauty. But what makes the British people disapprove Megan?

Not A Favorite Duchess: 11 Causes Why Britons Don't Like Meghan MarkleGetty Images / Ideal Image

What is wrong with Meghan Markle?

Here are 11 reasons why Meghan Markle may annoy Brits.

1. Her roots

Even in the nightmares, the guardians of the ancient traditions of one of the oldest monarchies in the world could not imagine that the prince would marry a girl with African-American roots. It's no surprise that Megan's origins were one of the most discussed topics at the dawn of their relationship with Harry. Later, it turned out that Meghan is not a commoner, as her ancestor was King Edward III himself. Only this fact made the ill-wishers to keep their mouths shut.

2. Age

The Britons adore their monarchs and even more - their little heirs. Some of royal fans believed that Meghan was too old to have babies. However, the Duchess of Sussex proved that they were wrong. Meghan and Harry welcomed a beautiful boy and now they are a family of three.

3.Meghan's activism

It is not acceptable to openly demonstrate their views on the political and social topics in the royal family. But Megan does not hesitate to talk about issues of feminism and racial discrimination.

4. Relatives

Megan's father, as well as her stepbrother and sister, seem to have done everything to spoil the reputation of their stellar relative. The dad shouts at every corner that he is an empty place for his daughter, Meghan's brother accuses her of arrogance and filthiness of character. Needless to say, her sister breaks every possible record in the vilifying of a relative. Well, nobody chooses their family!

Not A Favorite Duchess: 11 Causes Why Britons Don't Like Meghan MarkleGetty Images / Ideal Image

5. Divorce

Many people weren't happy with Meghan's past as she was divorced. Luckily, they are powerless in this case. The Queen herself gave her blessing, which means that the XXI century is going to be a little bit different in terms of the royal rules.

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6. Acting career

Megan appeared on TV screens and there were several semi-nude shots and bed scenes. Some prudish Britons will probably never forget and forgive this.

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7. Wedding

Even Harry and Meghan's wedding ceremony made some people dissatisfied. It seemed everything went well and nobly, but somehow they still managed to disapprove: the bride's dress was too expensive, yet it looked somehow modest; the black priest; Harry talked too much, and not as much as Meghan smiled.

8. Breaking the royal protocol

What really embarrasses the Britons, is too daring behavior of the Duchess and her husband. According to the etiquette, it is not acceptable to openly express the couple's feelings, whereas the newlyweds do not hesitate to hold hands and even kiss in front of the people.

9. Money

Megan's passion for exclusive and expensive things made lots of people angry. Especially, when it turned out how much the Duchess of Sussex spends on her clothes.

10. Copying Diana and Kate's style

Diana and Kate Middleton are true icons of beauty and fashion. Of course, Megan also wanted to win the hearts of the British people. So, some people assume she decided to basically mix their styles. But is it really a bad thing?

11. Changes in Harry's behavior

Everything changed with Meghan and Harry tied the knot. He became somewhat more modest and restrained. Of course, there were those who liked these changes. However, others preferred the prince's playful and joking character more. Well, at the end of the day, maybe he has just grown up?

No matter how much Megan annoys the Britons, the most important thing is that Harry is happy with her. And we are sure she will win people's love one day!

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