Despite Her Father's Disapproval, A Bride-To-Be Changed Her Hairstyle Completely And Looks Much Better Now

Date March 7, 2018

If your girlfriend has changed her hair, it's not your girl anymore! Kidding, of course, but new hairstyle means a lot for all the ladies. Yes, life does not change in one day, but for us, women, it is very important to feel that we are beautiful and desired.


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Holly came to the salon for a new haircut trying to change her life. The woman was just getting ready to marry her beloved man and decided to get rid of her long braid she had been growing since the childhood.

Holly’s father liked his baby girl wearing her hair like this. But let’s face it: Long hair does not always mean beautiful hair. The woman’s braid was two-colored, over dried, and looked like straw.

"I'm a big girl already," said Holly. “I decided to cut my long hair, no matter what my father would say.”

As a result, 23.62 inches (60 centimeters) of hair fell on the tiled floor of the salon, and along with them all, the complexes Holly had gained over the years.

With a new hairstyle, the lady began looking noticeably fresh and much happier.

Well done, Holly! We wish you all the happiness in the world.

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