Ivanka Trump's Possible Plastic Surgeries: How The Rich Girl Looked As A Kid

Date June 26, 2019

The possibilities of plastic surgery broaden each day and it's becoming more and more affordable to use these services even for commoners, needless to say rich folk. Everyone has their own reasons to go under the knife. Most often it concerns perfecting your looks to feel more confident. But it's not considered appropriate to talk about it in public, so often we are left to only guess by comparing the "before" and "after" shots.

One of the celebrities who allegedly indulge in getting plastic surgeries is the elder daughter of the current American president, Ivanka Trump.

The 37-year-old beauty undoubtedly looks gorgeous and it seems impossible to find flaws in her. But has she always been so flawless?

Net users suppose that Ivanka got breast implants and a nose job in different years. But all these are only assumptions partially confirmed in the book about the American president's family, Born Trump: Inside America's First Family by author Emily Jane Fox.

Look at the photos; see for yourself.

She used to have chubby cheeks...

...and her nose didn't used to be as thin as it is now.

And her breasts have "grown"...

Overall, she's a very attractive young woman!

There's even a new trend in America where women go for plastic surgeries to look like Ivanka Trump. For instance, that's what happened to Tiffany Taylor and Jenny Stuart. They got breast implants, nose jobs, cheek injections, and mini eye-lifts. All this to recreate the image of their idol.

Have you ever wanted to look like your idol so much that you would resort to plastic surgery?

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