Lemon Peel As An Effective Remedy For Cracked Heels Skin

Date March 2, 2018 17:59

Our body is a temple which must receive proper care! Unfortunately, paying extra attention to face or hands skin, we tend to forget about feet! Cracked and rough heels skin should not be neglected. Besides an aesthetic look of your pretty feet in the open footwear, there are medical problems that can develop due to lack of care and improper hygiene. Cracks may cause fungus infection and painful calluses.

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But there is a simple solution. You may find it surprising, but lemon peels have a special power to heal your feet!

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Next time you use a lemon, do not throw the peels away. They contain antioxidants and essential oils that are able to cope with dry and damaged skin, as well as with skin infections. Here is what you can do:

  1. Cut the lemon into halves and squeeze the juice.
  2. Take two lemon cup-shaped peels and press each against your heels.
  3. Wear socks and go to bed. Lemon peels will do their work during the night hours.

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This treatment is a contraindication for people with:

  • vascular pathology (atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins);
  • peripheral neuropathies (a person may not notice burning);
  • edema;
  • allergic reactions.

It is recommended to try the procedure during the night because lemon requires much time to heal dry skin. Lemon treatment has to be regular, and then over few nights you may see the result. Calluses become softer and cracks begin to heal, so you will have a chance to appreciate such an easy home-made remedy for your precious feet.

Source: DailyHealthPost

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