Dad Goes To Pick Up His Kids At School And Learns That They Had Vanished. 3 Years Later, They Show Up On His Doorstep

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February 11, 2019 18:17 By Fabiosa

Harry Speath experienced any parent's worst nightmare when he discovered that his children had seemingly vanished without a trace.

Harry was excited to see his 5-year-old daughter, Serena, and 4-year-old son, Thomas, as he went to pick them up from school. He waited for a long time and they did not come out to meet him. The dad then went to speak with the school management and, to his complete horror, he learned that his children had not been attending school for days.

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A gut-wrenching search for the children began. Harry last saw Serena and Thomas when they were with their mother, his ex-wife. He began to worry that she had abducted them and disappeared, especially because he did not hear from her either.

Harry did everything he could. He asked the authorities for help and even hired a team of professionals who searched in the country and abroad. Nothing came up. The children were not enrolled in new schools, and no information about them was found.

Three years passed but Harry never gave up. On the third anniversary of the day the kids vanished, he shared an emotional Facebook message. He lamented the fact that it had been three birthdays, "Christmases, Easters, Father’s Days, three years worth of holidays", since he had been able to enjoy the family connection most people take for granted.

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Harry expressed his deepest desire and hope that he would see his children soon. The post went viral and, a few days later, the Federal Police showed up at his doorstep with his two missing kids.

Apparently, they were found nearly a hundred miles from where they vanished after being "parentally abducted" by their mother.

Such situation could happen to anyone. To avoid horrific consequences, there are some rules to follow if you believe that your child might have disappeared:

  1. Search all over the house. Don't forget about small rooms, piles of laundry, places under the beds;
  2. Contact people who can help you search for them;
  3. Call law enforcement. Provide your child's personal data, describe their appearence and clothing.

Harry has been incredibly grateful since his kids were found. He expressed his thanks to his many followers who made it possible for the pictures of the children to reach as far as they did. Having Serena and Thomas home again was a blessing indeed.

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