You Can Volunteer To Cuddle Babies Born From Addicted Parents: And It Will Be A Lifesaving Thing Indeed

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February 12, 2019 10:54 By Fabiosa

If you are looking for the perfect volunteer gig, then we have a fantastic idea for you. It involves being around and soothing babies, especially those who are battling for their lives.

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You can choose to spend your free time cuddling babies who are addicted to drugs. Usually, when this happens, they require a lot of medical intervention and human attention.

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While the doctors deal with the former, you can contribute to saving the babies' lives by offering comfort and companionship.

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A condition known as neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) affects a lot of children across the country and it usually occurs when the child's mother was addicted.


Because these infants were exposed to drugs while in the womb, they will have to undergo the process of withdrawal, and having volunteer cuddlers available can go a long way to help them survive.

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To fulfill this need, cuddle care programs have been established across the country. They are aimed at providing help to such babies. They usually work with nursing staff to brighten the lives of affected infants.

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A nurse named Jane Cavanaugh said she came up with the idea to set up her own cuddle care program as the rate of substance abuse continued to increase. She started a volunteer program in Pennsylvania to help.

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"The babies going through withdrawal need to be held for extended periods," Cavanaugh explained.

Another nurse, Maribeth McLaughlin, agrees. She also oversees a group of cuddle volunteers who soothe babies. She noticed that infants in withdrawal who are held tend to recover faster and do not need as many medicines as those who do not get that special attention.

They are very irritable; they are hard to console. This is about swaddling them and giving them that comfort and safe, secure feeling.

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If you are interested in joining a cuddle care program, a quick online search can show you the ones in your area. You can do exactly what this ICU Grandpa does and save babies' lives. What could be better?

Cuddling is very beneficial to newborns. Due to many research and studies that prove this, doctors are now encouraging skin-to-skin hold after childcare, regardless of the health of the child. When the baby is addicted, the benefits of being held are insurmountable.

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