Special Bond Since Mommy's Womb: Sweetest Video Of Twin Babies Cuddling Each Other In The Sleep

Date September 14, 2019

Looking at the sleeping baby often gives us a feeling of joy and peace. It also creates an awe-inspiring experience! But what about 2 babies, who love to snuggle in their sleep?

The video of these adorable twins can hardly leave someone indifferent. Can you look at them all day? We certainly can!

Internet users can’t handle the cuteness overload, as they share heartwarming comments and their own stories.

There is something special about twins and their extraordinary bond formed while living in the womb. Many of the twins’ myths are now debunked, but even though science can’t find actual proof of their spiritual connection, twins all around the globe claim the same – they can feel each other.

They seem to be on the same wavelength since the birth.

Twins have the ability to perceive each other’s emotional state and sense when something bad is happening with the other. On top of that, having a twin means you are provided with strong emotional support whatever happens.

Their lifelong connection grants longevity and better health due to the “protection effect”, a research says. It feels nice to know you are not alone in this world, isn’t it?

It seems like these baby twins from the video know it all! They enjoy their sweet moment, smiling in their sleep and leaning onto each other. Isn’t it the most adorable thing you have seen?

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