New York State Government Worker Lost Her Job For Screaming At A Mom With A Crying Toddler On A Plane

Date September 11, 2019

A video of a government worker who was being rude on a plane has gone viral. Susan Peirez was not happy about sitting next to a mother and a baby, so she complained to the flight attendant who tried to defuse the situation.

In the process, Susan got mad at the employee then asked for her name, after which she threatened the flight attendant saying, "you might not have a job tomorrow."

19-year-old Marissa Rundell was the flight passenger who was with her baby. She filmed the entire interaction between Susan and the airline employee. Tabitha, the flight attendant, reacted to the government worker's threat by getting her kicked off the plane.

Did the lady deserve to be kicked off a flight?

Susan, upon realizing that she would be taken off that particular flight, then began to apologize for being rude to the mother and Tabitha. Susan was eventually removed from the Delta flight. She was also suspended from her job with the New York State government after the video went viral.

Ronni Reich, director of public information for the Council where Susan worked, told the UK DailyMail that state employees should not behave like that in public. He revealed that they have been informed about the situation and an investigation has commenced into Susan's behavior.

As for Marissa Rundell, the young mother said that even though Susan was rude, she did not think the woman deserved to have her job taken from her. While speaking to Good Morning America, she explained that she started recording mainly because Susan was acting quite comical when she came on the plane.

She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said, 'This is f***ing ridiculous. It's bulls**t having to sit in the back of the plane.' I started recording mainly because I thought it was comical how she was acting.I don't think she deserves that, people keep saying don't feel bad she deserved it... I honestly don't think she did.

According to comments in the video post online, the internet was divided on the issue as well. While some felt Susan was incredibly obnoxious and deserved what came to her, others empathized with the government employee saying that they themselves would not be happy if they had to sit near a crying baby on a plane.

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