Woman Became A Surrogate For Her Twin Sister, Who Had No Other Ways Of Getting A Baby: "She’s Always Wanted To Be A Mom"

Date September 17, 2019

Twins share a unique bond, which people often speculate to be telepathic.

Jill Noe, a former Arizona state university basketball player, and her twin sister, Whitney Bliesner, prove this truth.

After being diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder caused by benign brain tumors in high school, Whitney's life has not remained the same.

She had to go through a lot while growing up, including six surgeries. Subsequently, she lost her sight in her left eye in 2000 and her hearing in her left ear.

Her twin, Jill, on the other hand, has been healthy but confessed that Whitney is much stronger than her.

Having found love, Whitney married her husband, Pete Bliesner, in 2016. Due to her condition, being pregnant meant putting her child at the risk of inheriting NF2, and other complications.

Her best option was getting a surrogate, who would also donate eggs.

Unfortunately, it was too expensive for Whitney, even though she was dreaming of having a family of her own.

After hearing about her sister’s ordeal, Jill offered to help by becoming a surrogate for her. The gesture meant a lot to Whitney, considering how busy her sister is with her career.

While speaking to TODAY, Jill explained that she wants her sister to have her children.

“She’s always wanted to be a mom and her disease has already taken so much from her. I wasn’t going to allow (NF2) to take this opportunity from her, too. She’s my best friend, and I know she would have done the same for me.”

However, things did not seem easy. The first attempt at IVF did not work out, but the twin sisters kept their hopes up and gave it another try.

On June 2019, Jill gave birth to twins. Now, her sister is a devoted mother of two kids!

Whitney said her sister has been supportive and has allowed her the opportunity to feel what motherhood is all about.

Congratulations to the new mother!

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