Boy Got Upset After His Teacher Took His Lunch Away For Being Not Healthy

Date September 19, 2019

A lot goes into packing your kid's lunch for school. You have to consider such things as preferences and allergies, apart from the likelihood of the child could make a mess with the food at school.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the food is healthy. That's what can cause real problems at school.

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Kids' lunches and snacks were thrown away for being unhealthy

Parents in Durham were unhappy when school staff decided to police their children's lunches and throw away what they said 'unhealthy.'

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Elaina Daoust said she was angry when her son, who attends kindergarten at Romeo Dallaire P.S. in Ajax, was stopped from eating a piece of banana bread for his morning snack. Banana bread was labeled 'unhealthy' food.

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The teacher said it was because it contained chocolate chips. The food was thrown away and the child was only allowed to eat grapes from his lunch.

Speaking to The Star, the mother said her son came back home from school along with a healthy food chart and a note.

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The mom explained that her son was a picky eater and she chose the small piece of banana bread because some schools disapprove of home-baked treats. The snack she chose for her son was labeled as nut-free and she did not think there would be a problem.

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The school answered that healthy foods were encouraged, but staff shouldn't throw away students' food.

Another mom, Tami DeVries, also insisted that it was none of the school's business what parents) choose to give their kids.

The mother said that her kindergarten son's lunch of kielbasa, cheese and Wheat Thins crackers wasn't allowed. Alicia Nesbitt was also angry when her stepdaughter was not allowed to eat her chips at school. The mother said:

She came home and told me they weren’t a ‘healthy choice.’ That may be true, but the rest of her lunch and snacks were very healthy and it’s up to parents if they want to put a little treat in for their kids. /

Parents are sure that having kids go without eating had to be even less healthy than having them eat 'unhealthy snacks.' And what do you think? Can schools throw away children's unhealthy foods or should parents decide what their kids will eat?

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