Doting Dad Catches Adorable Twin Babies Engaged In The Sweetest Conversation With Each Other

Date October 18, 2019 21:12

Babies may not be able to communicate with words, but they have so many other ways to share their emotions with each other!

It is so heart-melting to watch them making their first sounds and facial expressions to their parents, but it is even better when we are given the chance to observe siblings or twins communicating with one another.

These twins Merle and Stijn definitely have something to talk about. Let's watch an adorable video!

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Baby twins are having a conversation

These two twins, sister and brother Merle and Stijn, seem to have found an interesting topic of conversation!

Roy Johannink / YouTube

The way they react to each other and look at each other’s eyes is priceless. Their father witnessed the moment and recorded a video that quickly gained popularity!

Roy Johannink / YouTube

More than 20 million views - we can see why!

Babies are sensitive to the emotions of others; they understand moods and the tone of voice, but not the actual words yet. Twins talk to each other in their infant way, using vocalization which can be different depending on what they want to say!

These two are just having a relaxing and friendly talk. Adults can never understand what is happening between these siblings. It is their private moment and a secret goo-goo language.

As they get older, their bond grows stronger and stronger! Here is a video of twins riding their toy car at home!

Little brother treats his twin sister like a real princess!

Roy Johannink / YouTube

The connection between twins is really special!

Roy Johannink / YouTube

Did you see something more adorable than these chatty twin babies? We think not. Share this sweet story with your friends and family.

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