Mom Feels Embarrassed But Refuses To Potty Train Her 3-Year-Old Son Who Still Wears Diapers: "I’m Frightened People Will Judge Me"

Date October 21, 2019 18:57

A mom has opened up about her struggle with getting her son to use the bathroom and ditch the diapers for good. Toilet training can be difficult for parents as every kid is unique. It is necessary to be careful when we are talking about potty training age: it can vary widely. At the same time, you should know signs your child is ready to potty train to be sure you start in time. And last but not least: potty training boys can be different from potty training girls.

Chief Inspector of Education Amanda Spielman once warned about the trend of children being allowed to start school even though they lack the ability to speak properly, dress themselves or use the toilet.

Mom Feels Embarrassed But Refuses To Potty Train Her 3-Year-Old Son Who Still Wears Diapers: "I’m Frightened People Will Judge Me"AlmaPhotoStock /

Spielman expressed concerns about the rising number of pre-school kids who are still very dependent in terms of basic speech and hygiene.

How to potty train a boy: one mother's struggle:

In response to this report, one mother, Rachelle Stanley, shared her own personal struggle with her son Jacob when it came to toilet training. While sharing her story with The Sun, the blogger and mom of one talked about why she chose not to potty train her three-year-old.

Rachelle began by praising Jacob's maths and grammar skills, but she pointed out that he was the only one in his preschool class who still needed to wear diapers and regularly wet himself.

The mom revealed that the teachers had been very supportive, but the whole thing had such a stigma attached to it that she felt she was unable to talk to anyone about the matter.

I’m frightened people will judge me and, in truth, I'm a bit ashamed.

The stay-at-home mother said she chose to skip teaching Jacob to use the potty and, instead, started getting him to use the toilet when he was two years old. She explained that her mom didn't do the potty stage with her so she didn't feel the need to bother with that for her son.

The main problem, however, was that Jacob hardly ever communicated that he needed to use the bathroom. She tried to watch him for signs but, every so often, he would simply go all over himself.

It got to a point that she became resigned to sending him to school with spare diapers and clothes. The mom confessed that Jacob actually showed interest in the potty, but she considered it to be a step backward.

Rachelle said she tried to motivate Jacob by getting him a toy whenever he successfully communicated his toilet needs, but he still had problems.

It is the ultimate taboo that mums like me just don’t want to talk about.

Rather than stress about it, though, she chose to accept that her son would get there on his own even if it might take him longer than most kids.

It's true that parents often feel like they aren't doing enough when their children have difficulties with certain milestones but sometimes, your only option is to do your best to encourage them and believe that they will figure it out in the end. Potty training can be a real struggle, nut toilet training is a necessary part of every child's life. There are many effective techniques to potty train a boy or girl and we hope every parent will find the most effective one.

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