New Mom Has A Hilarious Reaction As She Gives Birth To The First Boy In Her Family After 50 Years Of Girls

Date October 16, 2019 19:16

When Dara Crouch got pregnant, she was sure that she would give birth to a girl. No one in her family had given birth to a baby boy in 50 years.

So the mom-to-be decided to wait until the delivery day to find out the gender of her baby. She also invited a photographer to capture her labor and the result was absolutely stunning!

You can imagine this mum's reaction after giving birth to a baby boy, especially considering the fact that he was the first boy to be born in her family in half a century.

Mom's epic reaction when she realizes she has given birth to a boy

Fortunately for the internet, the moment 29-year-old Dara Crouch realized the sex of her baby was caught on camera.

Speaking about her priceless reaction, she told ABC that she assumed it would be a girl until the last moment.

Photographer Neely Ker-Fox was invited to capture the precious moments during the delivery, but what she did not expect was that she was going be taking an epic snap of a history-making baby.

The mother of two said she never expected to have a baby boy. Throughout her pregnancy, she was certain in her conviction that she would be having another little girl.

The last boy that we know was born on my side of the family is 50 years ago.

Ker-Fox said everyone believed a baby girl would be born that day, but learning that the child was a boy was just an incredible surprise.

We all saw that very vulnerable moment and we started crying when we heard it was a boy.

Little Liam Crouch weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces at birth.

The family was very happy to welcome this surprise little addition.

We imagine that spending nine months thinking you're having a girl, then being surprised with a little boy has to be really amazing.

These pictures say it all! And after the first shock, we’re sure that the new mother and her baby boy have many love-filled moments ahead of them.

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