Love Is In The Air: A Precious Little Boy Was Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark On His Forehead

Date October 9, 2019 22:22

Every kid is absolutely special, however, this baby is truly unique! Most babies are born with birthmarks but rarely are they as unusual as the birthmark of this sweet boy. Parents Murat Engin and his wife Ceyda from Turkey, welcomed their son Cinar, who has a lovely birthmark on his forehead.

The boy with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead

Look at this baby! His birthmark is perfectly heart-shaped. The family was delighted when they saw it, thinking that it a sign of luck! What could be better?

The parents told DailyMail that they discovered the red heart on a baby’s forehead just moments after he was born. As the nurse wiped him, everyone noticed that adorable cupid's mark. The father said:

I was really surprised. When I came to close his head I realized that it was an amazing heart.

While some people may not consider birthmarks beautiful, this family from Ankara really loved it! The nurses were also amazed when they saw the lovely boy and even snapped selfies with him.

The happy dad added:

It was difficult for me to keep my tears.

Today, people turn heads wherever Cinar appears. They call him a 'love baby' because of that unusual birthmark. Murat and Ceyda can’t stop gushing over their beautiful son:

It was really like a gift from God. None of us had negative feelings.

Baby Cinar is growing up to become a lovely toddler who mesmerizes everyone around him. People smile when they see him. He is radiating love, and everyone around him can feel it.

Experts say birthmarks aren’t so rare in newborns. They are red, purple or beige blemishes on the body, caused by abnormal blood vessels under the skin.

However, they are not inherited, and doctors do not really know why they appear. Sometimes, birthmarks disappear as the child grows up, or get lighter.

The parents say nobody in their families has birthmarks, but they love how unique their son is, so they probably don’t want this heart shape to disappear.

What a lovely baby! This heart-shaped birthmark is a real gift. Being different is what makes us unique and we hope the little boy will appreciate this special sign for life.

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