Snow Was Not An Obstacle:11-Year-Old Girl Found A Goat In Labor In A Hillside, And Bravely Saved New Mom And Her Newborn

Date November 18, 2019

The 11-year-old girl received praises on the internet after pictures of her and dog on a rescue mission went viral.

Hamdü Sena Bilgin lives in a small village in Turkey. She assists her family, who runs a small farm where they raise goats for their milk. Part of her duties includes being a guide and protector of the herd of goats.

Hamdü has an amazing sidekick: her dog, Tomi. Tomi is always by the girl's side and assists her when it comes to catering to the goats.

One day, Hamdü and her loyal pup were taking care of some goats who were grazing in a hillside far away from home. Suddenly, one of them went into labor.

The girl was worried that the mother goat and her newborn might not be strong enough to make it back home on their own, so she immediately came up with a plan to save them both.

Hamdü told The Dodo that she waited until the goat gave birth, then led the rest of the herd back home. The girl then returned with two backpacks.

Hamdü normally used the backpacks for school but she realized it could be repurposed as a way to save the mother goat and her baby.

When she returned to the scene, she loaded the goat into one backpack and put the newborn kid in the other.

Hamdü carried the bag which contained the mother goat while Tomi carried the other. Together, the group made their way back home through the snowy terrains.

The girl admitted that while it was exhausting to make it through less-than-ideal weather with her companions, she felt it was absolutely worth it. Towards the end of the trek, she was joined by her brother who took pictures of the fascinating group.

The internet applauded Hamdü for braving the winter to ensure the goat and her kid got to safety.

Well done, Hamdü. Children all over the world can learn a lot from your courage, strength, and fiercely protective instincts.

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