92-Year-Old Woman Who Had Only 3 Weeks To Live Made Her Wish Come True And Met Newborn Great-Great-Granddaughter

Date November 15, 2019 12:33

Kayla Tracy of Kayla Tracy Photography loves to take pictures of her great-grandparents. This is a story of undying love and devotion. And because of the unwavering faith she has, her great-grandmother has managed to defy the odds in the most incredible way.

Kayla, who recently shared their story with LoveWhatMatters, described her great-grandparents as true lovebirds.

They have been married for 75 years and they have been through it all. They are happy and completely in love, but a heartbreaking diagnosis threatened to shatter this beautiful union.

Kayla said that her 92-year-old great grandma, Jean Roper, was told, a couple of months ago, that she only had about three weeks to live. Doctors conducted some tests and said she was showing signs of renal failure.

Her family prayed desperately when they heard this sad news. Everyone rallied around the older woman to comfort her and ensure she's surrounded by love.

Kayla's sister, who was pregnant at the time, was also there to care for Jean. The older woman would often say, according to Kayla:

I just want to live long enough to see that baby girl.

She got her wish, and so much more. When Magnolia Jean was born, Jean was beyond thrilled, especially because the baby was named after her.

Things took a wonderful turn after the baby was born. Suddenly, Jean became a picture of health. It looked like she had gotten stronger overnight.

She began preparing breakfast and doing chores. Every day, she looked forward to when Kayla's sister would come over and bring baby Magnolia around.

For Jean and her husband's 75th anniversary, Kayla, as always, was honored to capture their love. The photos were incredibly beautiful and showed how much they both cared for one another, even after seven decades.

What a loving and devoted woman she is!

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