Single Dad Of Five, Whose Wife Passed Away After Giving Birth To Triplets, Added The Sixth Baby To His Family

Date November 7, 2019

Joy and sorrow go hand in hand in the world. Happiness is accompanied by struggles and toils, and all we can do is try to make it work at any cost. This heartwarming and inspiring story is a good prove that love always wins!

Single father of five

Meet Joey Rott. Life has been a rollercoaster for this doting father. One day he had a loving wife and happy family, another - he became a single father of five children. The sad story began when he and his beloved wife were expecting triplets. They already have two older kids, who couldn't wait to welcome new siblings.

When his wife Casi gave birth to Asher, Levi, and Piper through C-section, the new father took them home, overwhelmed with emotions. Casi had to stay in the hospital for a week to recover from the surgery.

The day she came home was the happiest in her life. On February 8, 2016, Casi came back home to make a sweet surprise for her family. Joey said:

Casi was in tears when she saw them! There were lots of hugs.

Suddenly, everything changed, and the husband was driving her to the hospital. Casi experienced severe chest pain. The woman had a blood clot in her lungs. Casi was released several days later with medication, feeling good. Upon returning home three days later, the mother unexpectedly passed away.

Since then, life incredibly changed for the young dad. Single father's life is full of difficulties.

While coping with the grief of losing his beloved wife, he had three newborns who needed feeding, changing, bathing and rocking. The older children needed his attention, too, and he felt on the edge trying to handle it all.

Time was healing him slowly: his adorable triplets were growing and the happiness of being the father gradually displaced the sorrow. He said about his kids:

They like to look at each other. They change every day.

The father of five welcomed the sixth baby

The father of five loved his wife very much but after some time he decided to move on. Joey found a woman who became a safe harbor for his big family.

As he is sharing adorable photos on his social media, we can’t but notice the sixth baby in the family picture!

What a sad and inspiring story! In the most difficult times, when all seems lost, we should remember that things will be better. We always can see the silver lining in the darkest cloud and love always wins.

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